About Us

The world outside your front door has always been crazy, and the faster the pace of life gets, the crazier the world becomes. That’s why we all need a special place that we can call our own, somewhere to shelter far from and escape the insanity of everyday life, where we can spend our well-earned free time with our friends and family, lost in good conversation and laughter. 

It’s the dream, the idea of being able to do that and retreat from the world at large with the people that matter that most that drive everything that we do at Modern Cabana. We know just how important family and friends are, as we’re a small, family-owned business that cherishes our privacy almost as much as love to design, create and help you to build your perfect cabana, one that’s far from the madding crowd so that you enjoy every single precious second of the time that you get to share with your loved ones in comfort and style. 

We know how precious those family moments are, which is who we dedicated ourselves to creating the space in which you can make the sort of memories that will last a lifetime. Step inside, take your time, and look around, and who knows, maybe you’ll find the cabana that you never knew you were looking for, but deep down inside always knew that you and your family wanted. Welcome to Modern Cabana, your home away from home…