31 Awesome Treehouse Ideas That You Can Build In A Weekend

If you have ever taken a moment to think about your childhood, then chances are your mind has probably begun to fill with memories of McDonald’s birthday parties, long golden summers and Disney films.

But if there is one thing that truly captures the spirit of childhood, then it’s a well-made and sturdy treehouse. 

Not only are treehouses beacons of childhood freedom and adventure, but they are also a safe space where your child can spend their days engrossed in their imagination. So if you are tired of your child watching television all day, then why not take some time to build them their very own treehouse?

Down below we have selected 31 of the most amazing treehouse ideas that you can build in a weekend, to help give you and your child some much-needed inspiration. 

1. The Traditional Treehouse

If you want to keep things neat and simple, then you can’t go wrong with this sturdy and adorable structure. All you have to do is build a wooden platform around the trunk of a tree and then supply it with various ladders and features to give it that classic treehouse look. 

2. The Pirate Ship

Do your children love pirates? Then why not put a creative spin on the traditional treehouse and add some nautical touches to transform it into their very own pirate ship.

All it takes is the classic wooden platform and the addition of a mast and sails. If you want to go one step further then you can also add a steering wheel and a pirate flag. 

3. The Minimal Treehouse

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best tactic and it doesn’t get simpler than this minimal treehouse design. Made using a simple wooden platform and ladder, this treehouse is perfect for children who are bursting with imagination, it can also be used for social gatherings and birthday parties. 

4. The Tired Treehouse

If one platform is not enough, then why not use the tree to its fullest potential and make a treehouse that is tired and full of whimsy. We promise that your children will love exploring the different levels and that the large design will provide more opportunities for fun and adventure. 

5. The Multiple Treehouse

If your garden is filled with tall and ancient trees, then why not use all of them to build your child’s treehouse? Just build the treehouse in the centre of the trees and you will soon have a beautiful structure that is both striking and fantastical. We promise your kids will love it! 

6. The Hammock Treehouse

Now we have covered some basic structures, let’s take a look at some features that you can add. If your child’s treehouse provides a shady spot in the garden, then you can always use that space to hang up some hammocks, giving you and your child the perfect place to relax after a busy day. 

7. The Monkey Bar Treehouse

Sometimes treehouses can be a source of adventure, but they can also be used as a sneaky way to keep your children fit and healthy. So if you want your child to work on their upper-body strength, then why not add some monkey bars and transform it into a mini obstacle course. 

8. The Modern Treehouse

If your child prefers a more structured and modern look, then you can make this striking and sleek design. Capable of holding your child and a variety of different accessories, this treehouse is the perfect addition to any garden and will have your child making memories for years to come. 

9. The Enclosed Treehouse

Most of the treehouses we have listed so far have been open structures, but if you live in a state or country that is heavy in rain, then you can always make an enclosed treehouse for your child.

Essentially a wooden hut in a tree, these treehouses provide the full treehouse experience and are ideal for gatherings and slumber parties in the summer. 

10. The Castle

Okay, so it could take you more than a weekend to make, but if done right there’s truly nothing better than presenting your child with their own medieval castle.

Brimming with turrets and stairways, this complex structure will transport your child to a world of dragons and magic, fuelling their imagination and getting them to play outside. 

11. The Net Treehouse

If you are looking to add a touch of excitement to your simple treehouse, then why not construct some nets to add another layer of fun. Not only do children love climbing these simple yet effective structures, but they will also spend hours on them fuelling their imaginations. 

12. The Jungle Treehouse

Transport your child to a jungle island by adding a rope ladder and some climbing ropes to your structure. Not only will kids love to run across the wobbly bridge, but they will also spend hours releasing their inner Tarzan.

So why not add some adventure into their lives by making this wonderful design. 

13. The Net Ladder Treehouse

If there is one thing that every treehouse needs it’s netting, as the feature holds endless possibilities to make your structure unique and full of fun. Just add a net ladder to your traditional treehouse and your children will never stop smiling. And there’s so much more that netting can do! 

14. The Net Bridge Treehouse

Take your netting skills to a whole new level and construct your very own net bridge for your child’s treehouse. Not only is this wobbly addition fun to run across, but it adds another unique layer to your overall structure, giving your child more stuff to explore and play with. 

15. The Net Floor Treehouse

Need we say anymore? With net floors you can create adorable cubbies for your child’s treehouse, giving them a comfortable space where they can relax after a long day of school and running around the garden.

Just add a few cushions and a blanket, and your child may even have a new favorite place to go and take a nap. 

16. The Rope Swing Treehouse

It’s no secret that children love swinging from ropes, especially when they are in the park or playground. So why not spoil them even further and bring this fun and excitement into your own backyard.

All it takes is a rope swing hanging from the treehouse and your children will never want to watch TV again. 

17. The Pulley Treehouse

Because treehouses can be built very high, carrying toys to the top platform can be a very strenuous task for your child. So why not make things easier for them and install a bucket and pulley.

All it takes is a piece of rope and a bucket and your child will have the means to get their toys to the top without any issue or concern. 

18. The Trap Door Treehouse

If you want to make your child’s treehouse a safe and enclosed space, then why not make it accessible only by a secret trap door?

Not only does this fun and adventurous feature give the overall structure a more whimsical feel, but it will also help separate the treehouse from the rest of the world, giving your child some much-needed time to be alone. 

19. The Floor Door Treehouse

Not all trap doors have to be a secret, so if you want to keep things simple and easy, just place the door to the treehouse in the middle of the floor. Not only is this addition attractive and fun, but it helps to give the overall structure a more complete and homely feel. 

20. The Fireman Pole Treehouse

If you think your child needs a fun way to exit their treehouse, then there’s no better approach than making them their very own fireman’s pole. This simple yet amazing idea will provide your child with hours of entertainment and will give them a rush of adrenaline every time you call them back inside. 

21. The Safe Ladder Treehouse

If you have managed to build your child’s treehouse at a great height, then you need to make sure they can reach it without the risk of hurting themselves. To do this you can add in staircases, covered ladders or even covered rope ladders. Whichever you choose, we promise your child will love it. 

22. The High-Up Treehouse

Sometimes treehouses can be built at great heights, which can make getting to the top very difficult for your small child. So if you find yourself in this situation, then we recommend building some sturdy staircases for your child and their friends.

Make sure to keep everything safe by adding handrails and you will have a structure unlike any other. 

23. The Converted Treehouse

We understand that building a treehouse can be difficult, especially when you don’t have the right materials or tools. So if you find yourself working with limited supplies and a budget, why not convert your garden shed into the perfect treehouse for your child.

Simple yet effective, this method saves both time and money. 

24. The Playhouse

Sometimes treehouses don’t have to be just one thing and you can install them with a variety of fun and exciting features. So why not take the extra step and fit your child’s treehouse with a variety of swings, ladders, slides and other elements.

We promise your child will not be disappointed with the results. 

25. The Swings Treehouse

Who doesn’t love swings? Not only are these fun contraptions a staple in parks and playgrounds around the world, but they can also be easily made for your own garden. And where better to put them but below your child’s treehouse? 

26. The Inventive Treehouse

If you have an older child who is tired of climbing rope ladders, then why not make them their very own self-powered elevator using an old bicycle?

Although this concept may sound a little extreme, it can be very effective and fun when done correctly. Just make sure everything is safe and you’re on your way. 

27. The Low Treehouse

Sometimes young children don’t want to climb great heights, which is perfectly understandable. So if your child doesn’t want a high treehouse, just make one that is closer to the ground.

This simple yet effective idea ensures that your child is safe at all times and that they are comfortable in their new fun environment. 

28. The Cozy Treehouse

Another low to the ground idea, this treehouse is a more cozy and homely affair than other ideas on our list. All it requires is a small enclosed treehouse and you pretty much have everything you need.

Perfect for small children, this will provide hours of entertainment and years of nostalgic memories 

29. The Colorful Treehouse

Although treehouses are not traditionally painted, that does not mean that the notion is unfounded. Just use your child’s favorite colors and you can quickly transform your treehouse into a vibrant paradise, where your child can spend hours of their day having fun and enjoying the great outdoors.

30. The Epic Treehouse

If the castle is going to take more than a few weekends to build, then this colossal structure is going to take a few months – maybe even a few years.

Use all of your imagination and creativity and make your child a treehouse unlike any other, one that encompasses all the trees in your garden and all the features we have previously mentioned.

Now that’s what we call epic!

31. The Indoor Treehouse

We understand that not all children can go outside, which is a shame when it comes to enjoying the full treehouse experience. So why not just build the treehouse indoors? It doesn’t take much and we promise your children will never forget it.