The Absolute Best Commercial Weed Eaters

If you are a passionate gardener or landscaper, then chances are you probably detest when weeds find themselves growing in your garden. Not only can these pesky shrubs make your personal Eden look like an untamed mess, but they can also smother the other plants in your garden, especially when they are allowed to grow and thrive.

So when faced with a garden that is brimming with weeds, what can you do to combat them? Well, the most effective method is to purchase a weed eater, which can be used to cut the swathes of vines and brambles away from your fence lines and other plants. But what weed eater is the best one for the job?

These days, there are hundreds of weed eaters or trimmers available for online purchase, which can make narrowing down your choices a long and troublesome task. So to help aid you in your search, we have selected the three best commercial weed eaters currently available on the market.

Not only are these weed eaters the perfect tools for tackling such a job, but they can also be used to cut away the unwanted weeds lining your patios and fence lines, giving your garden an overall maintained and attractive look. So why not check out our choices and see which weed eater meets your needs.

Best Commerical Weed Eaters

1. Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18” Cutting Path Gas Trimmer

For our top entry, we have chosen a commercial weed eater that is easy to operate and delivers a professional and outstanding performance. This path trimmer by Husqvarna features a 25cc 4-cycle engine and uses unleaded gas instead of oil or fuel.

Considered a cutting edge appliance, the trimmer uses innovative SmartTrimmer technology, which reduces the start cord resistance, making its overall usage quicker and more efficient. 

Distinguished by its long and sleek design, the weed eater can be used to reach difficult or hidden locations and promises to combat any weeds it encounters. When compared to other trimmers on the market, this particular weed eater remains our top choice, as it is simple to use and delivers a stellar performance every time. 


  • Lightweight 4-Cycle Engine: The weed eater features a 4-cycle engine that runs on unleaded gas for effective performance. 
  • Reliable Ignition: The weed eater comes complete with a reliable ignition that is easy to start and operate. 
  • 18-Inch Trimmer Head: Comes complete with an 18-inch trimmer head for accurate and efficient trimming. 
  • Sleek Design: The weed eater features a thin and sleek design, which makes it easy to reach difficult areas. 


  • Insignificant Torque: Sadly, the weed eater has less torque than trimmers with 2-cycle engines. 

2. Echo GT-225 2-Cycle Curved Shaft Weed Trimmer

We understand that some weed eaters can be very heavy, which makes them cumbersome and difficult to operate. So if you have been searching for a durable trimmer that ensures a solid performance, then we have the perfect product for you.

This rapid-load trimmer by Echo is lightweight in its design and helps to reduce stress and exhaustion when covering a moderate area of land.

The weed eater is very easy to operate and manoeuvre, which will make the trimming process much quicker and enjoyable overall. It is also capable of tackling strong and durable weeds and can be used to combat any vines or brush growing in your garden. 


  • Lightweight Design: The Echo GT-255 features a sleek and lightweight design, which makes it easier to carry and manoeuvre. 
  • Industrial 2-Cycle Engine: The weed eater has been installed with a 2-cycle engine, which runs on gasoline. 
  • 16-Inch Trimmer Head: The weed eater comes complete with a 16-inch trimmer head, which is capable of tackling strong weeds and brush. 
  • Good Movement: The weed cutter can be operated by users who are 5.8 or less and provides good overall movement. 


  • Underpowered Model: Unfortunately, the weed eater is incapable of tackling large areas as it is severely underpowered for the job. 

3. Ego 56-Volt Powerload String Trimmer

Sometimes we have everything to run simply and smoothly and this battery-operated trimmer by ego ensures to make the trimming process as simple as it can be.

Featuring a push-button operation, the weed eater comes complete with an innovative Powerload trimmer head, which you can press to the wind for a more effective and noticeable result. 

Thanks to its battery pack, the trimmer can also be used for long periods of time and is probably the most eco-friendly weed eater on our list. Weeding trimming has never been easier thanks to this cutting-edge device, which will leave you wanting to use it again and again.


  • Battery Operated Trimmer: Unlike the other trimmers we have selected, this trimmer is battery operated, which makes it last longer and more eco-friendly. 
  • Powerful Torque: The weed eater features a powerful torque that makes the trimming process easier and more efficient. 
  • Push-Button Feed: By using an easy to operate button, you can easily feed the string through the trimmer without issue or complaint. 
  • Brushless Motor: The weed eater comes complete with a brushless motor, which means it is also quieter than other commercial trimmers. 


  • 15-Inch Trimmer Head: The weed trimmer features a smaller 15-inch head, which may not be enough to tackle more dense weeds. 

What Makes A Good Weed Eater?

Although the notion of buying a weed eater may seem simple, this does not mean that the process is at all easy. After all, you have to make sure that you are buying the best weed eater for your needs, which means there are certain factors that you have to consider before you complete your purchase. 


When it comes to purchasing a new weed eater, you should always take some time to consider the size of the engine, as this is one of the most important factors to finding a trimmer that is capable of meeting your needs.

Weed eaters are usually measured in cubic centimetres (cc) and the general rule of thumb is that larger engines will often deliver more power and torque. 

Typically, 2-cycle engines are known to be more powerful and will usually deliver more torque than a 4-cycle engine. So if you are hoping to buy a weed eater that packs a powerful punch, then a 2-cycle engine is what you need.

However, this does not mean that 4-cycle engines also don’t come with their positive attributes, as they are easy to operate and can run on the same gas you use to run your lawnmower. 

If you choose to purchase a battery-operated weed eater, then they will not have engines but will instead run on battery packs that you need to charge.

Although battery packs are very different from engines, the same rules apply. If you purchase a trimmer with a larger battery pack then it will usually provide more power and torque. 


Cutting width refers to how much area the trimmer can cover in a circle, with the size often varying depending on what type of weeds you are hoping to tackle. If your garden is bursting with dense brush and vines, then you will need a weed eater with a larger cutting width to cover the intended area. 

However, if you only want to use your weed trimmer to maintain your lawn and fence lines, then a smaller cutting width will be suitable for the job. In a similar fashion to deciding which engine to use, you should aim to purchase a weed eater with a large cutting width, even if it is too big for your needs. 

This is because larger weed eaters are more capable of tackling a variety of tasks and will often yield the best results.