Best Giant Connect 4 Game – Huge Fun For All The Family

Since its development in the 70s, Connect 4 has been a popular tabletop board game that everyone can enjoy, whether they’re 8 or 80. But what you might not know is, a giant version of this classic exists – and it’s ideal for your next barbecue, birthday or garden party games list.

Provided you get yourself a good quality, long lasting and well made product, there’s no reason you won’t be having fun for years with this imaginative yet simple game.

Simply choose from the list of five fantastic examples below, or follow the buyer’s guide so you know exactly what to look for.

Our Best Giant Connect 4 Game Reviews

1. Costway Jumbo 4-To-Score Giant Game Set

Available in seven different color combinations – so you can get your kid’s favorite, or your own! – the lightweight, easily assembled version of Giant Connect 4 from Costway is made to be eye-catching and look great in a playroom or backyard.

Made using only the finest premium PE and PP materials to construct this design means there’s nothing toxic or potentially harmful for any users, with incredibly smooth edges to prevent injury during playtime.

Put together in just a few minutes, maintenance is incredibly simple, as all of the game board pieces and accessories are easily cleaned with a damp, warm cloth. This is especially useful if you’re going to be playing with toddlers!

When not in use, the donut-style chips can be stacked easily on handy poles that are built into the game board; this looks great when they are out of use, and also means you’re unlikely to lose any of the pieces.

Standing 41 inches tall, it’s just under three and a half feet, which means adults and children will be able to enjoy the game together without risk of strain or hurting themselves, making your next family game night even more exciting.


  • Can be used inside or outdoors
  • Bag included for free – plenty of pockets for game pieces and handles for easy transportation
  • Bottom release sliders restart the game instantly
  • Built in ring-holders keeps all game pieces safe when not in use


  • On the expensive side for what it is

2. GoSports Giant Wooden 4 In A Row Game

Affordable and unique, this wooden take on Giant Connect 4 from GoSports is available in either a classic white or dark stain finish, depending on your preferences. Either way it brings the traditional seventies board game right into the future, and looks beautiful doing it!

Every single board is crafted from sturdy, premium wood, then hand stained to offer a unique look – each game is therefore a one of a kind version made just for your family!

Thanks to the coating, it can be utilized indoors or outside, whichever you’d prefer. At just over two and a half feet tall, this is perfect for younger kids who wouldn’t be able to reach some of the taller versions of this giant game without assistance, whilst still being easy enough for older children and adults to play with as well.

Each chip – which come in bold shades of red and blue – is made from durable, non toxic plastic, so they’re highly unlikely to ever sustain damage, and should survive even the toughest of toddler tantrums.

Coming with a robust carrying case, once disassembled the lightweight game board and all of its pieces can be taken with you wherever you go – at only fifteen pounds altogether, it’s incredibly easy to transport.


  • Beautiful hand stained wood finish in your preferred color
  • Super simple assembly and breakdown, free travel case included
  • Can be used inside or out, in spite of being made from wood
  • New chips can be purchased separately in a whole rainbow of colors


  • No way to store the chips when the game is set up, only the included carrying case

3. Rally and Road Giant 4 In A Row Game

Bold, bright and well-designed, Rally and Road’s take on Giant Connect 4 is certainly cool with its exciting white, blue and orange color scheme; choose from two, three or four feet tall, depending on whether you’ll primarily be playing with kids or adults.

As well as the standard colors available, you can also opt for an optional light pine finish instead, if you prefer a more natural look – this is great for anybody following Montessori childcare practises, which encourages toys made from Earth’s resources.

Using only premium, solid pine wood in construction, this four-to-score board is far stronger and sturdier than those from competing brands, even those made from plastic, and can be used either inside or out of the house.

A durable carry bag is also of a high quality, so you can keep everything safe when not in use or on the go, though be aware that only the two and three feet variants have their own carrying case – the four foot board only comes with a bag for chips.

Incredibly easy to assemble with only four parts, following the online instructions is a breeze, and taking things down again is also really simple. Being made in the USA, you know you’re getting a good quality game that directly contributes to the economy.


  • Multiple sizes and color options available
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Removable bottom bar releases chips instantly
  • One minute to put together


  • Some reviews suggest the quality can be a little lacking, others disagree

4. Yard Games Giant 4 Connect In A Row Game

Durable and attractive, this premium wooden Giant Connect 4 comes from Yard Games, who use only the finest construction methods and a hand finished natural stain to ensure each customer receives a quality product, no matter what.

Easily transportable with the zip-close nylon carrying case, this game might be giant but it’s super simple to set up and can be used inside the home or out and about; it’s even got pockets for the chips, so you’ll never lose a single piece.

Finishing the game and starting a new one is simple too, since all you have to do is slide out the bottom bar to release the chips in one easy motion – they’re made from durable plastic, and molded to last a lifetime, so no damage to worry about.

Determined to offer the best possible customer service, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with this US-based company, who will replace or refund anything you are not totally pleased with, no questions asked.


  • Heavy duty carrying case included – all pieces fit perfectly
  • Designed for easy setup, play and cleanup that even a kid can do
  • Lightweight and simple to take with you
  • Sturdy and long lasting, even with toddlers!


  • Some reviews suggest it can be a bit flimsy

5. Pointyard Giant Wooden 4 In A Row Game

Last, but by no means least, we have Pointyard’s take on Giant Connect 4, which comes with everything you need to get going, including a full easy to read Game Guideline to introduce beginners to this beloved American pastime.

Superior pine wood construction from New Zealand is used to construct the board and removable legs, making them chip resistant and more durable than a plastic board; heavy duty polypropylene chips are sure to stand the test of time, too.

The waterproof storage bag is of good quality and convenient for keeping everything safe when not in use, or even to take this fantastic family-friendly game on your next road trip, because it couldn’t be easier to transport.

Built-in chip holders allow you to keep your pieces safe and secure when not in use, which is great when it comes to younger children who might find it difficult to keep all of the game pieces where they should be.


  • Makes for great portable fun on the go
  • Handcrafted from New Zealand pinewood which passes rigorous quality checks
  • Donut-style chips can be stacked to prevent loss
  • Assembles in a matter of minutes


  • Some customers suggest you might need sandpaper to give the board the smoothest possible finish

Best Giant Connect 4 Game Buying Guide

What To Look For When Buying Giant Connect 4


The word “giant” is actually quite subjective, so the height of your new supersized Connect 4 game will depend on where you get it from.

They average between two and four feet, so if you’ll be playing with little kids consider opting for a smaller setup and when it’s adults only, the four footer should suffice… unless you want a sore back the next day!


Given you’ll be playing with this outside for the most part (though it’s certainly possible to play indoors, if you’re not worried about breaking any valuables!) you’re going to want it to stand up on a lawn or other potentially less stable terrains.

If the bottom of the board, or its “feet”, have non-slip grips added, or are designed to be balanced regardless of the surface it stands on, you should be fine.


The majority of the time, you’ll find that Giant Connect 4 is made using either plastic or wood. The latter is preferable, as you can leave it outdoors without worrying about rain – though this may cause the colors to fade eventually – and it tends to be more durable generally.

However, wood does have an adorable aesthetic, and if you’re practising Montessori education, meets their requirements for natural materials.


As you’ll know, Connect 4 is played using a set of “chips’” that come in two different colors – in an ideal world, you’ll want them to be made of plastic, as these are far easier to slide into the slots and therefore much more suitable for playing with children.

However, it is possible to get donut-style chips with some games, which have a hole in the middle that allows you to stack them when out of use, but also makes it much easier for little ones to keep hold of them during playtime.

Ease Of Use

With Giant Connect 4, the only inconvenience is cleanup – some boards can only be emptied by tipping them upside down, which is cumbersome the bigger and heavier they are.

For efficiency and time-saving, consider getting one of the versions that come with a removable bottom, allowing you to release the chips with one swift motion. It’s so easy, the kids will be able to clean up by themselves!

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect 4: How Do You Play?

Like its regular-sized counterparts, the rules of Giant Connect 4 are very simple. It’s a surprisingly educational game, intended to help the development of not just fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but also problem solving and the ability to strategize.

Each board has six rows and seven columns, with 42 “gaps” that can be filled with chips; you’ll receive 21 of these chips in one color, and another 21 in a different shade, as each player receives half of all of the chips.

You’ll first select which color you’d like to be, then flip a coin or play rock paper scissors to determine who goes first.

Player one will then deposit their first chip anywhere they’d like on the board, and the second player will follow up and do the same.

The way the game works is that players want to achieve a line of four checkers in a row, whether that is done horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

This is where strategy comes in: you want to try and achieve your line, whilst also trying to block your opponent from making a line of their own.Should the board fill up and all chips be used before either player gets four of their colors in a row, then it will be deemed a tie and the game comes to an end.

All Connect 4 Variations

The very simple rules outlined below are the traditional ones taken from the original board game, but there are ways and means to make the game more interesting by changing up the rules slightly:

Pop 10

With this variant of the rules, players will take turns to one at a time submit a chip into the bottom row – you must utilize an empty spot until the row has been completed, at which point you may move on to the next one.

Once you’ve filled the board, that’s where the fun begins! You then take it in turns to remove chips of your color from the bottom of the board – if it was part of a “four in a row” then you’re able to put the chip to one side, and if not, you must drop it back into the next available free slot. The winner is the first color to achieve ten collected chips!

Pop Out

Slightly similar to the usual game, only this time, players can also decide to either add a chip in to any free part of the board, or remove a disc of their own color from the bottom row, changing up the available spaces and potentially sabotaging another player’s attempt to get four chips in a row.


Just as the name suggests, this very simple variation requires more thought, as you’re trying to achieve a more difficult five chips in a row and therefore must think further ahead and try harder to defend your space!

Final Thoughts

So, as you’ve seen, it’s incredibly easy to transform this old classic from the Seventies into an exciting and modern game to play with your kids, grandkids, or just about anybody really.

As long as you get the right height and materials to suit your needs, you’ll have hours of fun – you could even team up and have multiple players if you’re entertaining large groups, but be prepared for arguments about chip placement!