9 Best Outdoor Towel Warmer For Hot Tub

Hot tubs are all about luxurious relaxation. Sinking into the warm water and letting it ease out the tension of a hard day, while lulling you back into a state of total bliss.

That sudden shock back into reality brought on by the cold air outside the hot tub is the kind of horror none of us need.Wrapping yourself up in an icy towel is one of the quickest ways to undo all the hard work of the hot tub.

Muscles tighten up, skin starts to crawl, and you suddenly find yourself wanting to dive back into the water. And while getting back into the hot tub is nearly always a good idea, at some point you just have to get out.

It’s inevitable.A heated towel warmer is the perfect solution. It keeps your towels toasty, so you can wrap yourself up in warmth. Although getting out of the hot tub is something none of us will ever really look forward to, a towel warmer certainly makes it a lot easier.

We’ve rounded up some of the best on offer, so you can keep the hot tub high going.

Best Towel Warmer Racks

There are a couple of types of towel warmer available: racks, baskets, and cabinets. They each come with their own pros and cons, and a sizable price difference.Towel racks are perfect for small groups.

They’re easily portable, so you can place them as conveniently as possible. There’s no fumbling to get your towel, simply slide it off the rack and wrap it around yourself. And they’re easy to store.

When you aren’t using your towel rack, it can be tucked away. They also tend to be an inexpensive option.The downside is that they aren’t as warming as some other enclosed towel heaters.

Even a powerful towel warmer outside is still partly exposed to the cooler temperatures. A rack can take the chill off, but it won’t make your towel incredibly warm. Also, be careful if you live somewhere what catches the wind – a towel rack can blow over.  

1. Innoka 2 in 1 Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

Innoka have created a towel warmer design that’s just ideal for hot tub use. The lightweight design is freestanding, allowing you to position it wherever is most convenient. There’s no more running halfway across the yard with this! Be sure to keep it a safe distance from the hot tub water.

Once you have your heater positioned, simply thread your towels through the extra wide bars.

The simple design can hold several towels at once, and the spacious bars allow every inch to get warmed through. Then you simply need to flip the switch on, and immerse yourself in the hot tub while your towels warm up.

After 30 minutes, the towel warmer has reached a toasty 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The built-in thermometer stops the towel rack from overheating, and the light up switch also reminds you to turn the heater off!

The simple, but considered, design of the Innoka towel warmer does all the work for you. 

2. Tangkula Towel Warmer

Most people who have used a towel warmer have experienced the misery of an unevenly warmed towel.

Some patches are scorching hot, others are pleasantly warm, and the rest is just icy cold. And it doesn’t even out – if anything, the cold feels colder and the hot feel hotter.

With Tangkula, that isn’t a problem anymore. The elegant wave and curve of this towel warmer ensures that every part of the world is able to heat through properly.

The 5 bars are widely spaced and thin, so towels can be draped perfectly without bunching. Even several towels at once will warm completely when arranged correctly, elevated by the long legs of the stand.

The Tangkula towel warmer is freestanding or wall-mounted, so it can be placed wherever is most convenient for you. The rack warms gently, enough to take away the chill on even a colder day.

Turn it on before you step into the hot tub, and enjoy comfortable towels when you step out – with no cold patches!

3. Heat Gene Hot Towel Warmer

A hot tub should be about luxury – which is what you get with this Heat Gene towel warmer.

The elegant chrome finish is a classic design that underscores the beautifully simple function of the towel warmer. Simply switch it on, and in 30 minutes it will have heated to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you only fancy a quick dip in the hot tub (if such a thing exists), in just 15 minutes the Heat Gene has already reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit! Your towels are heating from the second the rack is switched on.

Heat Gene is wall-mounted, so it’s best for hot tubs adjacent to a wall and covered. Wall mounting gives this rack an incredibly sturdy base, which allows towels to drape evenly.

The multiple bars can fit several towels, and even bathrobes, thanks to the high mount. Ideal for regular hot tub users, who may not spend all day bathing, but like to get in as often as possible.

Best Towel Warmer Baskets

Towel warmer baskets are nifty things. Designed to look just like a sleek storage unit, on the inside they’re heated through to keep your towels at the perfect temperature. They’re also pretty portable, so you can move them in or out as needed.

As you climb out of a hot tub on a cooler evening, the rush of warmth released by the basket feels almost heavenly. Inside your towels are soft, fluffy, and infused all over with gentle heat.

Wrapped around, they keep both the warmth and the relaxation of the hot tub rolling across the body. The sealed lid stops the towels from being exposed to the air, so less energy is needed to keep them warm.

Warmer baskets are also the perfect choice for anyone who likes a stylish spa experience. The streamlined designs are subtle and attractive, able to easily slide next to a hot tub without disturbing the view.

Often, they don’t have quite the same capacity as a rack or a cabinet. Baskets tend to be best for single users or couples, although some larger options are available.

If you’re struggling for space, a tip is to put a few light robes to heat instead. They won’t do such a good job at drying you off, but they keep you cozy until you get indoors.

Towel warmer baskets also tend to come at a higher price than the racks. This normally is directly related to size: the larger the basket, the bigger the cost. 

1. Live Fine Towel Warmer Bucket Style

Just a glance at the Live Fine Towel Warmer basket gives you a pretty good idea of the kind of luxury you can expect. The muted gray design with that slight curve and wooden handle looks so good you hardly care if it works.

Luckily, Live Fine haven’t prioritized design over function – instead, they both work in harmony.

One of the major selling points of this design is that it can be programmed via a timer. Whether you want your towels to warm for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, you simply adjust the time, and sit back and relax.

Once the warmer has reached the optimal temperature, it stays warm for however long you program it, before safely switching off. If you like an hour in the tub, this towel warmer supports you through it!

A towel warmer is meant to add a new layer of comfort to a hot tub, but that’s impossible if you’re worrying about overheating. The Live Fine towel warmer takes that stress away, so you can wrap yourself in relaxation as comfortable as a toasty towel.

2. Zadro TWB Towel Warmer, Extra Large

Lightweight and freestanding, this Zadro TWB towel warmer can be used all around the home. The only problem is that you might be tempted to carry it everywhere!

The beautiful design sits neatly between classic and contemporary, and the warming features are top quality. Once you’ve started using the Zadro, you might wonder how you ever lived without it.

The stretched length of this towel warmer has two fantastic benefits. First, it allows you to fit two large towels inside, and several smaller items such as robes or pajamas.

Second, it ensures that every single fiber of towel is evenly warmed. Balanced along the smooth curve of the Zadro insulated walls, heat penetrates deeply into the folds of the towel.

As with the Live Fine, this towel basket also has built-in timer functions. The neat cord storage space underneath is also useful and intelligently made for storage. Zadro are known for being the originators of the fog-free mirror, and this is another innovative design that improves everyday life. 

3. Keenray Bucket Style Towel Warmer

If you’re trying to make your hot tub feel as much like a spa as possible, then this Keenray towel warmer might be just the way to go. The smooth white casing, accented by soft natural wood designs, wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end retreat. So isn’t it amazing that you can have it in your own home?

Warmer baskets are such an intelligent product because they’re easy to use, safe, and stylish. Simply press a button to turn it on, set the timer, and in just a few minutes your towels will be heated up. It only takes 6 minutes for the Keenray to reach optimum temperature.

For anyone slightly forgetful – and we all are at one time or another – this doesn’t need to be set long in advance. Almost as soon as you get into the hot tub, this towel warmer is ready and waiting for you.

If you don’t like the white, Keenray have also introduced their bucket warmer in a few extra colors, to perfectly suit any backyard design.

Best Towel Warmer Cabinets

Much like a warmer basket, the warmer cabinet works by trapping in heat. Towels heat quickly and efficiently, for a quality spa experience. Warmer cabinets are a familiar sight to anyone who has spent some time at a spa.

They often look like a cross between a safe and a refrigerator, but inside are rows and rows of perfectly warmed face towels. Warmer cabinets also tend to have a few more features than the warmer basket. Many of them contain built-in lights, to keep your towels hygienic.

Warming cabinets are fabulous, and they can often fit a lot of towels. If you like having guests in your hot tub, then the warming cabinet might be the best choice for you. They’re sturdy and easy to use, and they stay warm.

One disadvantage to the towel warmer cabinet is the size and weight of it. They aren’t designed for moving around. Once you’ve got your cabinet set up, you probably want to keep it there.  

1. AW 46L 2 in 1 Electric Dual Cabinet Hot Towel Warmer

From the outside, you might expect this AW hot towel warmer to open up and contain nicely frosty beers.

So you could surprise more than a few guests when the door opens to reveal decadently warmed towels. The simple white finish may not shout luxury, but the incredible warmth of the towel on your skin certainly will.

With an incredible 46L capacity, quite a few towels can be neatly stored inside this cabinet. With a quick press of the button, the inside will gradually heat up to an impressive 176 degrees Fahrenheit. And that heat is felt across everything inside. Not a single stitch of the multiple towels you can fit in the AW will be left feeling cold.

A blue light works alongside the heating element, to kill anything unhygienic that may be clinging to the towel. When the AW has reached its top temperature, the safety mechanism automatically switches everything off. 

 2. Salon Sundry Professional High Capacity Hot Towel Cabinet

The Salon Sunday hot towel cabinet wouldn’t look out of place at a bank. Despite appearing like a safe, the sleek black finish and pared back design actually hides rows and rows of freshly warmed towels.

200 watts of heating power are utilized here to get the inside of the cabinet up to an incredible 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Can’t you imagine just how warm that will feel on your skin? The double sealed door keeps all that heat inside. Even on the very coldest of winter days, your towels can be fabulously warm.

In salons, we expect luxuries such as heated towels. At home, we often settle for a worse experience. With the Salon Sundry towel cabinet, you can have a professional quality system, right in your own house.

3. RoMech Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

As much as we all enjoy spending time luxuriating in the hot tub alone, it’s also the perfect place for entertaining.

On warm evenings, cool days, and even winter mornings, the hot tub is one of the best places to be. Grab a glass of wine, or a mug of hot cider, and get some friends over.

When they step out, everyone is able to help themselves to a warm towel from the RoMech hot towel cabinet.

360, all around heating components are used to get this cabinet to a balmy 158 degrees Fahrenheit – and keep it there! The spacious double cabinet can hold a significant amount of towels, so no one has to go without. If that’s more space than you need, then there’s a smaller option available, with just the same quality.

If you’re eager to show off your hosting prowess, then this RoMech hot towel warmer cabinet is an absolute must!

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to think of many ways to improve a hot tub – it has to be one of the most luxurious experiences you can imagine. But if there is one way to make it better, it’s a towel warmer.

Climbing out of the warm water and immediately into a cozy towel extends that moment of indulgence.

Wrapped up in warmth, you’ll feel like you’re floating on air. Towel warmers were once only found in spas and hotels, but advancing technology has allowed us to bring them into our homes.

From heated towel racks, to towel warmer baskets, to hot towel cabinets – it’s easier than ever to add spa-quality luxury to everyday life. Whether you’re after something portable, or just want as much warmth as possible, there’s sure to be a towel warmer for you.