Best Weeders/Weed Pullers; The Tools You Need To Keep Your Garden Flourishing

No matter how hard you try to keep your pristine lawn, well, pristine, weeds are always going to pop up where you least expect them. From thistle and crabgrass to dandelions and ragweed, these problem plants can make even the most green-thumbed among us reach for the pesticides.

However, there’s no need to resort to chemicals to keep your garden green and glorious: investing in the right weed puller for the job can actually get rid of their roots for good, leaving you with a perfectly manicured lawn and no sore back from hunching over all day…

So long as you pick the best tool, that is. Luckily we’ve got a list of the best around, as well as a thorough buyer’s guide to help you make your own mind up.

Top Five Weed Pullers On The Market Right Now

1. Gardtech Stand Up Weed Puller

New and improved for 2021, this upgrade on the original Deluxe Weeder from Gardtech is constructed with incredibly strong, HBW350 stainless steel prongs, which will never bend or rust, no matter how much pressure you put on them.

Thanks to the D-shaped handle, even kids and those with arthritis or other gripping difficulties will be able to keep a tight hold of this puller – it also serves as a hook so you can hang it up and out of the way when not in use!

Ideal for use by all ages, preventing damage to your lawn and ground surface as well as minimising the effort and physical exertion that weeding requires, this is a tool that keeps you comfortable and your lawn healthy.

Where tools from competing manufacturers utilize poor-quality handles that are likely to bend and snap, the stainless steel shaft of Gardtech’s weeder is reinforced and thicker than other brands, allowing for a durable gardening accessory that will last.

Don’t worry about being let down by another shoddy product: each purchase comes with a full decade of warranty, so you are covered regardless of what happens. Simply contact their amazing customer service team for a replacement or a full refund, no questions asked.


  • Very sharp saw edge, easily cutting through roots
  • Narrow enough to be used between cracks and pavers, wide enough for bulb planting
  • Built in measure to make planting even easier
  • Adjustable shaft goes from 40-47”


  • Could do with a sheath to protect the blade when not in use

2. Grampa’s Gardenware Co. Grampa’s Weeder – Original Stand Up Weed Puller

Also rocking a new and improved design is Grampa’s Weeder – this popular garden tool has been in production for over a hundred years, invented back in 1913 in Seattle Washington, so you know it’s going to be a good one.

A long, strong 45 inch bamboo handle keeps your back and knees safe and strain-free, whilst the steel four claw design is strong enough to work on any and all soil types, even more so after rain or a thorough watering.

Enabling you to control weeds and garden pests without the need for harmful chemicals, this is a child and pet friendly device that won’t cost you the Earth to invest in, but will last for years to come, so you’ll always be weed-free.

Now stronger than ever, the powder-coated metal head is unlikely to succumb to bending or breakage, so it works well even on the toughest weeds, with the longest root systems – and yes, that does include the dreaded dandelion!

This ingenious, century-old design blows any modern iterations out of the water. It’s true what they say, sometimes the classics are better, especially when they help you avoid dirty fingernails and a sore back the day after.


  • Simple yet incredibly effective
  • So easy to maneuver, a child could use it (supervised! It’s very sharp)
  • The lever does all the work, with no strain on your back or knees
  • More affordable than other complex variations


  • Must hit the direct center of the weed to be successful

3. Betus Manual Hand Weeder

For more fun and less effort, the unique design of Betus’ manual hand weeder uses leverage to create the perfect angle for pulling weeds. Once you’ve mastered the easy maneuver, it actually makes yard work quite fun, and very satisfying.

With its patented v-shaped notch, the sharp prongs work to penetrate deep into the ground, allowing the tool to pull at the entire weed, as well as its roots, so there’s no chance that anything could possibly grow back afterwards.

Although you will have to get on your knees to use it, the durable stainless steel head is so sturdy that it’s bend-proof, so all of the pressure you exert will be pushed onto the weeder itself, and not your fragile joints and muscles!

Easily removing even the harshest of weeds, including thistles, burdock and other yard invaders, there’s no need to opt for herbicides or wide digging hoes that destroy your lawn in the process. This is the only tool you’re ever going to need from now on.

Given that all purchases from Betus automatically come with a full one-year replacement warranty, if you have any problems it will be incredibly easy to access a brand new product for free, simply by getting in touch with their customer service team.


  • Affordable yet highly powerful
  • Springy, curved yet super sturdy stainless steel – incredibly easy to use
  • Ergonomic and very comfortable to use
  • Ideal for tackling smaller, hard to reach weeds


  • Requires some practise getting used to
  • Cannot be used standing up

4. Wilcox All Pro Stainless Steel Lawn Weeder

Since the company was founded in 1968, Wilcox have been producing some of the most durable, quality garden tools around. Each one has proven designs and quality materials, and this lawn weeder is no exception to their craftsmanship.

Using heavy duty stainless steel, the trowel is sharp, strong and smooth, with points for easy cutting and an easy to clean surface that rinses off in seconds and won’t succumb to rust after working in damp conditions.

Equipped with a handy depth gauge directly stamped on the surface, this tool offers measurements in centimeters and inches so you can clearly and accurately see how deep your hole or cut is, without having to mess around with other equipment.

Thanks to a smooth, plastic handle with ribbing and grooves, this is a super nice tool to hold in your hand, accommodating a comfortable gripping position even when you’ve been working for hours, as well as a leather wrist strap for convenient hanging.

Wilcox very bravely declared this weeder as being “indestructible” which is a pretty bold claim these days, but according to the majority of customer reviews, it’s a fairly accurate description. There’s no bending or breaking to be experienced here!


  • Gorgeous shiny chrome finish – looks professional
  • Feels nice in the hand and is pleasant to hold
  • Easily slices through dirt, roots and stems, even in solid, dry soil
  • Works well for weeds of various sizes


  • Not ideal for removing dandelions, as it cannot go deep enough to harvest the roots

5. Garden Weasel Step And Twist Hand Weeder

The last weeder on the list is by no means the least, as Garden Weasel’s Step and Twist tool – which looks kind of like a pogo stick for grown ups – offers you the ability to reclaim your lawn without spending hours on back-breaking labor.

Built to last, each part of this tool is built using ultra tough carbon steel, which not only withstands a great deal of pressure but also resists weather and rust. If anything should happen, it is also backed by a lifetime warranty – that’s how confident the manufacturers are of its quality!

Ergonomically designed to allow for upright weeding, all you have to do is push the tines of the product directly into the root system using your foot, then twist the handle… and voila! Pull up to reveal the entire weed and its whole root system, ready to be trashed.

Once you’ve extracted the weed, there’s no need to get your hands dirty throwing it away ready for the next one – simply push down on the convenient thumb release button to allow everything to fall from the tines directly into your compost, which is a huge timesaver when it comes to cleaning up.

Being wonderful for use on the majority of problem weeds, including the notoriously tough crabgrass and irritating dandelion, the Step and Twist is also pretty versatile in that it can be used for planting flowers, as well as pulling things from the ground!


  • Allows for weeding whilst standing, which is ideal for those with physical injuries, disabilities or chronic illness
  • Takes out weeds of all shapes and sizes, even in dry hard soil
  • Strong, sturdy and won’t damage your surrounding grass
  • Thumb release button for hands-free weed removal


  • On the pricier side compared to other tools
  • Leaves pretty big holes behind when done

Best Weeders/Weed Pullers Buying Guide

“Can’t I Just Use My Hands?” – Why You Need A Weed Puller

You might be wondering if investing money in a tool is worthwhile when you’ve got perfectly good hands right there, but there are several reasons why the puller is the superior method:

More Efficient

As they are able to “pop” weeds right out of the ground, which is a great deal quicker than yanking or digging them out, you’ll find the job gets done twice as fast with a puller.

This is especially true of those that are large enough to pull a few small weeds at once, allowing you to spend your day doing something more enjoyable!

Forget spending hours and hours of your day on pulling weeds, now you’ll be able to spend time prettying up the place and having fun doing the enjoyable garden chores instead.


Rather than simply removing the very top of the weed, a puller is capable of yanking it out entirely, with all of its roots attached: this means it will be unable to regrow afterwards, so you won’t have to repeat this process in six to twelve months when they all come back again!

Likewise, it won’t cause any damage to anything else in the vicinity, which can be a problem when you’re working with just your hands.

Better For The Earth – And Your Garden!

Resorting to chemicals or herbicides is understandable: weeds are frustrating and a blemish on an otherwise perfect garden.

However, did you know that the nasties in these chemicals will leech into the soil, spreading throughout the rest of your outdoor environment and potentially harming flowers and plants you had no intention of getting rid of.

Likewise, it’s also possible that they could taint the water sources of local wildlife such as squirrels and birds, causing disruption to the ecosystem.


With a puller, you’ll be able to make sure that only weeds are removed from the ground, leaving behind all of the healthy plants, grass and flowers you’d like to keep intact.

When weeding manually with your hands, you might find yourself accidentally pulling up or cutting through the very delicate root systems of nearby plants, vegetables or flowers, causing unwanted damage to your flora and fauna. With nothing left behind to regrow, this does twice the job that your own hands could!


Perhaps the biggest problem that weeding poses is issues with your muscles or putting strain on vulnerable parts of your body.

Particularly for those who are getting older, spending too much time on your knees with an arched back is asking for trouble, and will also cut down on the time you can spend gardening. 

Additionally, if you’ve got an injury, or you suffer from a chronic illness, you may be able to achieve yard chores that are otherwise impossible when you utilize a puller. The very best tools can be used from a standing position, with a foot pedal or release grip that prevent sany need for bending or yanking.

What To Look For In A Good Weeder

Clever Design

Ideally, any weeding tool you invest in should let you pull weeds with minimal effort and exertion: it will be lightweight, but sturdy, and strong enough to handle a little force so that your body does not have to bear the brunt of it.

Its handle should be thick and serve as a leverage bar – preferably, there should be a mechanism that helps you to grip and pull weeds in one easy motion, so you never have to bend or even touch the plant, just drop it straight into your garden waste.

Correct Length

If you opt for a stand-up weeder and it’s not quite tall enough in correspondence with your height, it might end up making any existing pain worse or causing new issues because you have to hunch over in order to use it.

Those with telescopic handles are a good idea, because you can make adjustments and therefore the tool can be appropriate for multiple users.

Quality Materials

Given that they are required to do some serious pulling, you want a strong, sharp set of prongs or blades that are unlikely to bend even when yanking up the toughest of garden pests.

The best metal for the job here is stainless steel, as it is rust resistant and capable of retaining its sharp edge for longer than aluminum; iron is equally as tough and efficient, but being heavier, can cause strain if you have a lot of weeding to do.

Although plastic weeders are likely to be cheap to pick up, you’ll also find they end up breaking incredibly quickly, particularly in areas where soil is especially tough to penetrate or contains a lot of clay.

Purpose Of Weeding

For dealing with weeds that are trapped between slabs of stone or pavers, then you’ll want a gardening fork – this is especially the case when you’re trying to avoid damaging other precious root systems and only pull out the weed.

When it comes to stand-up pullers, these are great for pulling up multiple weeds at once, as well as avoiding the tiresome physical strain – but be aware it might not be able to fit into some of those smaller and more difficult crevices.

Final Thoughts

So, you know all the facts about what makes a good weeder and why you ought to be using one – even if you’re not struggling with the physical exertion of gardening right now, it can still take a toll on your body, and you only get one of them!

The longer you take care of it and avoid strain, the more years you’ll be able to spend out in the garden, planting and weeding and sunbathing to your heart’s content.

Remember, the best weeder is an efficient one that removes some or all of the strain, able to get rid of the pesky plant and all of its roots so that nothing can regrow in its place.

Either a stand up or a handheld can be a good tool, just think about which would be best for you and your situation, then get the appropriate product. Happy gardening!