The Joys Of A Portable Greenhouse

Not everyone has the budget or the space to accommodate a permanent greenhouse in their yard, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dream of growing beautiful flowers or having a vegetable garden.

There are two main options for a portable greenhouse, one is a glass or polycarbonate one that can be picked up and moved around to where you need, or you can choose a plastic cover one that can be popped up somewhere in your yard.

The plastic cover greenhouses are often preferred by people who have yard space where they can prop it up, whereas the mini glass greenhouses are ideal for those who live in apartments and only have indoor or balcony space to grow their plants.

We’ll be explaining exactly why a portable greenhouse will be more than sufficient to help you grow the flowers and vegetables you want.

The Perks Of A Portable Greenhouse

  • Regardless of where you live, you will be able to accommodate a portable greenhouse for your home. If you’re someone who only has a balcony for outdoor space, then you’ll be able to find a portable greenhouse small enough to suit that space. Even the smallest yards will be able to accommodate a plastic-covered greenhouse outside, so no one will have to miss out on the gardening fun
  • These greenhouses are easily portable which makes them so convenient for renters as they can easily be taken down and removed
  • A portable greenhouse gives you the flexibility to move your plants to the best place in your yard or your outside space. You may want to keep your plants in the shade during the height of summer, but then move them to a well-lit area during the darker winter months – a portable greenhouse will allow you to do this
  • If you only intend to grow vegetables in spring or summer, then a portable greenhouse will allow you to easily store them during the other seasons
  • These portable greenhouses can be used as indoor greenhouses, which is ideal for someone trying to keep their houseplants thriving
  • Portable and mini-greenhouses are a lot more affordable than a big permanent structure, they also require minimal installation which you can do yourself so you won’t have to pay for a professional to do it
  • Mini and portable greenhouses will protect your seeds and flowers from possible pests like insects and birds and even from extreme weather conditions

The Downsides Of A Portable Greenhouse

  • Mini and portable greenhouses are quite small and you won’t be able to grow a huge amount of plants or flowers inside, however, we all have to start somewhere
  • Portable greenhouses with a plastic cover are not the most resistant to the elements and may be blown away or fall during heavy winds, rain, or snow. You’ll probably need to pay close attention to the weather forecast to keep your plastic cover in place and your plants protected inside

Recommendations For A Portable Greenhouse

If you like the sound of a portable greenhouse and think it would suit your lifestyle and home space, then take a look at our recommendations below.

You’ll need to decide whether a mini greenhouse or a portable plastic cover greenhouse would be best for you.

A mini greenhouse is good for growing herbs, spices and an ideal place to store your succulents and they’re ideal for keeping on balconies or small outside spaces.

If you do happen to have some yard space, then you may prefer the plastic-covered greenhouse that can be moved around your yard depending on where the sun is.

Mini Greenhouse Recommendations​

1. Purzest Glass Terrarium, House Shape Geometric Succulent Terrarium

  • Modern and attractive design
  • Ideal size for small plants, succulents, or sprouting seeds
  • Glass and copper frame offers great stability and durability
  • The swing lid can be kept open to increase oxygen flow
  • Swing lid also offers good access to water and adjust plants

​2. Ikea Indoor/Outdoor Mini Greenhouse

  • Provides a good environment for seeds to sprout and small plants to grow
  • Made from strong steel
  • Roof vents can be opened to allow air to circulate and to keep temperatures cool inside
  • Small enough to keep on a tiny balcony or inside upon a dresser
  • Easy to assemble and carry around

Plastic Covered Greenhouse Recommendations​

3. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

  • Ideal for small backyards, or small patios, balconies, or decks
  • Strong steel frames are highly durable
  • Can be assembled in minutes without any tools
  • 4 long shelves will accommodate a good selection of plants
  • Offers protection for seeds and plants from pests and bad weather
  • Lightweight and portable so can be moved around the yard

4. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse

  • Ideal for small yards or outside areas
  • Ideal for renters as it is easily assembled and taken apart
  • 8 durable shelves can home a variety of plants and flowers
  • Clear PVC cover protects seedlings and flowers from pests or frost
  • A tall ceiling will accommodate mature growing plants

5. Mini Small Greenhouse For Plant Outdoors

  • Perfect for people who have no outdoor or limited outdoor space
  • Durable PVC cover protects plants from bad weather and pests
  • Tiny size so can be used indoors without taking up too much space
  • Pop-up design means no assembly required and easy portability
  • Can home flowers, succulents, growing vegetables and fruits
  • Zipper and tie window for oxygen circulation and easy access to water