An Honest Review Of Spray-on Grass Seed

We’re sure that you’ve seen foamy, green liquid being sprayed on areas and pavements around highways at some point in your life. This is spray-on grass seed.

A well-known product for spray-on grass seed is Hydro Mousse, that can apparently not only be used by professionals but by amatuer gardeners, too. 

green grass
For tips for using spray-on grass seed, see below

There have also been TV commercials for the Hydro Mousse that illustrate that spray-on grass seed is easy to use and guarantees grass growth. But is this true? Let’s find out!

We’ll also let you in on some tips for using spray on grass seed, as well find out if there are any alternatives to Hydro Mousse Liquid and answer some frequently asked questions.

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What Is Spray-On Grass Seed?

Spray-on grass seed (often known as hydroseeding) is the process of spreading grass seed using a pre-mixed liquid. It’s a little like spray painting your lawn but instead of paint, it’s made of water, grass seed, mulch, a bonding agent, and fertilizer.

It’s similar to spray-on lawn fertilizer with added grass seeds. It’s small enough for the pressure of a garden hose to spread the mixture, but it does limit your range. The professionals who have used it for years have bigger pumps and hoses, and this also allows them to get the job done faster.

The pressure of the hose can also help the grass seed penetrate into the soil, giving the grass a better chance as it begins to grow. What’s more, birds also don’t like the mulch component of the spray-on seed, which gives your grass a better chance of survival.

Spray-on grass seed is generally more expensive than applying grass seed the old fashioned way. 

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What Is Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn- Bermuda Grass Seed?

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn – Bermuda Grass Seed

Hydro Mousse Bermuda Grass Seed spray is easy to use and is a great repairing agent for patchy lawns. It can fix dry sports, shades, and areas that experience high volumes of foot traffic effortlessly. 

It also takes the guesswork out of plantation areas as it highlights the best location for plantation. 

Each kit can be used to reseed a 100ft square area, and you can even spray it easily on 200 spots or more. The packaging contains the head of the spray bottle, a canister, a coating chamber, and the Hydro Mousse liquid formula. 

Hydro Mousse is also made of a mixture of types of grass, making it extremely versatile. It uses 60% Tall Fescue grass, 20% Shining Star Perennial Ryegrass, 10% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue Grass, and 10% Shamrock Kentucky Bluegrass.

Hydro Mousse is a good solution for spot fixes, like when some equipment has torn tracks in your lawn. You can walk along the ripped up strip of lawn, spraying as you go, and you should see new grass in a few days.

Hydro Mousse also has a ‘heavy seed mode’ that turns the spray a dark green color which will color the dirt patches and let you know which areas have been seeded and which have not.

It is also sold in 2lb refills that don’t include the spray canister.


  • Easy to use.
  • Results can be seen within two weeks.
  • Suitable for filling in bare patches from dog mess spots.


  • Soil needs lots of prep beforehand.
  • Leaves green stains on clothes or skin.
  • To see good results you need proper follow-up of instructions.

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Helpful Tips For Using Spray On Grass Seed

Grass is best planted between March and October, and newly grown seeds need to be watered at least twice a day. The soil must also be kept moist for at least three weeks. 

Seeds usually take 1-2 weeks to germinate and you should allow at least a month for fully grown coverage. 

Although Hydro Mousse claims to be a non-staining liquid, it is always advised to wear gloves as a precaution. 

Is Spray-On Grass Seed Any Good?

Spray-on grass seed is effective when applied properly. If you hire a qualified professional to apply the spray-on grass seed then you should expect great results, as well as better growth and coverage than dry seeding. 

Spray-on grass seed like the Hydro Mousse is good when used in small applications, but it’s not as effective as it looks on TV, and it’s not just a case of spraying and letting it do its magic.

How the spray is applied as well as how sensitive the grass seedlings are to temperature and dryness plays a part, and you still need to water and care for the seedlings diligently. 

Cost Of Hydroseeding 

The price of hydroseeding a lawn depends on where you live and the amount of coverage you’ll need.

Prices are often based on square footage of your lawn with prices averaging about 10 to 12 cents per square foot, and the price will also include materials and labor. 

Some vendors will have grades of grass and/or grades of fertilizer that they use when spraying.

Hiring a professional to apply your spray-on seed may include other charges too. For example, there may be an additional charge if your grass is on a slope, with small slopes having a 4 cent surcharge, and steeper slopes can have an up to 8 cent surcharge. This is because hills are trickier to cover so require more materials and control of the large spraying machines.

Hydro Mousse Alternatives

Surprisingly, there aren’t that many alternatives to Hydro Mousse. Most spray-on grass seed jobs are of a considerable size, so most trust professionals to carry out this work. 

Due to the results shown in their TV commercials, Hydro Mousse has developed a bit of a bad reputation from disappointed customers making their frustration known online.

While many people look for alternatives after seeing reviews like this, the truth is that they don’t exist. Hydro Shot and Gavin’s 3-in-1 Hydroseeder were competitors to Hydro Mousse but these products are no longer widely available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rain Wash Away Spray-On Grass Seeds?

No. A typical rainstorm may wash away some of the green coloring that comes with your hydroseed but it shouldn’t disturb the grass seeds. However, if you do have a very heavy storm shortly after hydroseeding and you have a lawn that is prone to erosion you may experience some issues. 

Do Birds Eat Spray-On Grass Seed?

While keeping birds away from seeds is always a concern, birds usually keep away from hydroseed due to the mulch found in the seed. Definitely not appetizing to birds!

Also, hydroseed (especially when applied by professionals) is driven into the soil as opposed to sitting on top of it. This also discourages birds from eating it.

Can Spray-On Grass Seed Be Used On A Hill?

It can be used on a hill, but you should avoid putting it on extremely steep slopes as it can cause run-off. It can also clump your seeds at the bottom of the hill together. 

Is Spray-On Grass Seed Cheaper Than Sod?

Sod typically costs around 50 cents a square foot, whereas professionally applied hydroseed costs around 15 cents per square foot.

However, sod does give you a full lawn immediately whereas you have to wait to mow spray-on grass seed for at least a month after it has been applied.